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What does the word Queen mean to you? Maybe words such as... Empowerment, Blessed, Holy and Strength.

But to me it’s the Magical Pixie dust to society. With every step you take you should always walk with every representation of every Queen who has stepped foot on earth. Women like Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Mahalia Jackson we should speak with Justice, Support, Effort and Respect for one another to want something more than an easy route to life.

While wearing this shirt, I want you to represent a better you, by also representing Queen’d Up with power and respect. Looking at this shirt it’s an anchor with a symbolic impression of stability and power. This anchor should be visible within every woman’s heart as an ending of a long journey. The planted crown resting on the anchor represents glory and victory in remembrance to never look back, but never forget where you’ve come from.

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Queens are represented with Strength, Empowerment and Respect. Represent a better you, by wearing All Queen’d Up!
— Jenella Williams